Our Faith

Bethel Christian Assembly stands in the apostolic, historic theological tradition of the Christian Church and believes:

In God, the maker of the visible and invisible universe, who revealed Himself in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and whose nature is made known to humanity in the best known way though the life and teachings of Jesus Christ;

The Bible as the revealed Word of God where humanity have a tangible presence of the Will of God for their lives and future. Humanity’s lives and future is entirely determined by the plan of God that is communicated through the writings of God-inspired Bible;

The present state of humanity is a ‘depraved one’ on account of sin and its presence which account for the ‘un-welcome’ life of the world. Things are not the way ‘they ought to be’. This means God didn’t create the world as seen today; but sin deprived it of its original state;

Jesus, the incarnated Son of God, announced the end of the ‘depraved state’ of humanity in the Gospel and is the ‘Only way for humanity’s way out from the outcome of a depraved life’;

In the in-filling of the Holy Spirit as promised by Jesus to His dear Church. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are the greatest promise of Jesus before He went back to the heavenly abode and the members of the church can receive them as they wait for;

In the Blessed Hope of the Church of Jesus Christ that ‘at the appointed time’ her Messiah would appear in the clouds to receive before the end-times. Thus, the members of the church shall be with Jesus Christ forever;

And that the ‘Justice of God’ shall be done at the end of times on all His creation where the ‘just shall be rewarded and the unjust shall be judged for eternal condemnation.*

*All these beliefs are based on the Bible and one can obtain the details or references for all these by making a query to us.