established in 2007

Bethel Christian Assembly (Registered as Bethel India Pentecostal Church of Arizona), Phoenix, Arizona, USA is a Bible believing Evangelical Charismatic Church with roots in the historic church started on the day of Pentecost. The founding members of the Assembly were the expatriate Christians from various parts of India who longed to worship God in the authentic Biblical tradition and in an Indian atmosphere. This India Christian Church in Arizona stands for Service to God and humanity which is exemplified in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Bethel Christian Assembly had its humble beginning in 2007 with a handful of members. However, in the past years, the fellowship experienced the faithfulness of God in a tremendous way. Pastor Thomas Samuel and Pastor Johnson George served the church in the past years and gave memorable leadership in the overall life of the church. The present minister in charge is Pastor. Manu C Thomas.

Our Focus
  1. Bible Study to know the God who created all things is our primary focus. Every Sundays and in other gatherings we spend time in first-hand study of the Bible. In our experience ‘all what is necessary for humanity’s godliness, life here on this planet and for redemption is inscribed in the pages of the Bible. Hence Bible study is indescribably profitable and unavoidable for every human being.

2. Prayer Time with God is our second focus where we feel the touch of God with all His love and compassion. Our God is a prayer answering God; He cares for His creation eternally. We spend time in praying for others; whoever comes with any need is prayed for continuously. We have a dedicated time of prayer in all our services and run a telephonic prayer-line where anyone from anywhere can join and share their needs. We see the work of God in a miraculous way in answer to our prayers.

3. Worship hour at the beginning of our services is such an unavoidable part of our church life. We understand with the Canterbury Shorter Catechism that ‘the chief end of man is to worship God and enjoy Him forever.’ We sing songs in various languages and read psalms along with times of contemplation on the majesty of God.

4. Evangelism where we share the love of God is another focus of BCA where we ‘go out’ to reach the people as per the great commission of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. We believe that ‘Gospel in Christ Jesus’ is the only way for humanity’s salvation from eternal condemnation (because the sins s/he commits). So, though in a humble way, we contribute to world mission.

5. Charity to the needy can in no way be avoided by a Christian and hence we involve in reaching the people in need in neighborhood and other parts of the world. We believe that ‘those who tasted the love of God should make way for others to know it by expressing it in ‘concrete ways’. So we involve in loving, caring and serving people.